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Hackers Target Texas University

The University of Texas at El Paso was forced to shut down its computer network after being targeted by a malicious hack. The university stated that the network was turned off out of caution after security professionals detected a potentially malicious intrusion early in the morning last Friday. The cyberattack led to the closure of the university’s Covid-19 testing sites as well as online resources such as email. According to the school, IT staff have been working to test each campus system and slowly bring them back online.

The school also stated that it was focusing primarily on teaching resources as these are essential to the school’s operation during the pandemic, when most instruction is virtual. Certain student’s ability to complete work was impacted by the security incident, alongside issues connecting to email and utilizing the university’s website resources. The university does not believe any personal information was compromised in the attack. All students, staff, and non-essential faculty will work from home until the incident has been dealt with fully and the network is restored.

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