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Cyberattackers Target Top Russian Cybercrime Forums

Secretive and elite Russian forums for cybercriminals have been hacked in a string of breaches. One platform targeted, Maza, is a forum that allows cybercriminals to connect and organize operations, sell tools such as malware, and other malicious activity. Maza was the latest victim of the operation, which has targeted several similar services. The hacks have left members worried that their true identities have been exposed by researchers and law enforcement.

According to a new report from Flashpoint security, Maza offers security to threat actors who have been in the Russian language underground for anywhere between 10 and 20 years. The forum serves as a space in which malicious actors can connect with other trustworthy members and gain access to advise and tools. Maza requires a membership fee and acceptance is on an invite-only basis.

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