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Twitter and Twitch added to list of those concerned with Australia’s Online Safety Bill

Social media platform Twitter and live streaming service Twitch have joined a list of service providers, researchers, and other related organizations who are concerned over Australia’s processing Online Safety Bill. The Bill contains six priority areas that include a cyberbullying and abuse program to remove harmful material, a program to remove intimate images that may have been shared without consent, policies regarding abhorrent violent material, and measures to block sites that allow users to view such material.

Twitter and Twitch are both concerned over the lack of regard for different types of business models, such as the power to determine basic online safety expectations for social media services. In the United States, third-party platforms are not held accountable for content posted by users. Although they do their best to moderate posts and promote safe and healthy environments, the companies cannot catch every violation of policies unless reported. In Australia, moderation may become more intense as companies are required to ensure every post adheres to the country’s new guidelines as set forth in the pending bill. This may also give larger companies an advantage as they have the manpower and human resources to comb through massive amounts of reports and violation concerns.

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