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Norway’s 11179 billion NOK wealth fund affected by the SolarWinds hack

According to a new announcement, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund was impacted by the SolarWinds Russian espionage campaign against US federal agencies and organizations. The Government Pension Fund has confirmed that countermeasures against the SolarWinds Orion software were not quickly adopted. The update was installed roughly five months before the bank implemented security measures to protect the entity against threats of data breaches and compromisation of the network.

The NOK fund downloaded the malicious update in July of 2020, leaving the software to sit unpatched until December of last year when details of the attack were confirmed. The supply chain attack also breached the US Pentagon and several high-profile US organizations. According to official sources, there is no indication that the oil fund was a primary target in the operation. It is unclear whether the backdoor planted by Russian hackers was actually exploited against the oil fund. The company has since terminated its business relationship with SolarWinds.

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