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Singtel Suffers Zero-Day Cyberattack, Damage Unknown

Singtel, a Tier 1 telecom giant, has suffered from a cyberattack in which attackers leveraged a zero-day vulnerability within the Accellion legacy file-transfer platform. The telecom carrier is used throughout Asia and owns the Australian telecommunications agency Optus. Singtel isn’t the only organization affected by this third-party bug, another Australian medical research institution is scrambling to mitigate any threats of a cyberattack after witnessing Singtel’s incident.

The point of entry for the attack was a third-party vendor, software company Accellion. The company’s legacy large file transfer product called File Transfer Appliance is utilized by Singtel. Accellion has since released information pertaining to the attacks, claiming that they had recently discovered that their systems were compromised in late December. Singtel announced the hack on Thursday, stating that it was the victim of a cohesive set of cyberattacks.

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