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Biden Issues Warnings on Crises in Myanmar, Russia

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden issued warnings over developments in Russia and Myanmar. Biden also declared that he would end US support for the Saudi led war in Yemen, emphasizing multilateral agreements and human rights. This marks Joe Biden’s first speech on foreign policy as president. Under the Biden administration, the US will end support for offensive operations in Yemen, increase the number of refugee admissions, and freeze troop withdrawals from Germany.

The remarks were delivered from the State Department, telling employees that the new administration wants to empower the agency to do their jobs, not politicize them. This also marks a significant change in policy following years of internal turmoil inside the department. Biden has faced early foreign policy challenges such as the coup in Myanmar and the outbreak of protests in Russia sparked by the detention of dissident Alexei Navalny. Clashed with the police and thousands of arrests have occurred in Russia since the commencement of the extensive protests. Biden called on military leaders in Myanmar to relinquish power, released detainees, and lift the current telecommunications blackout. He also demanded that Russian authorities release opposition figure Navalny.

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