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Iran Launches New Rocket, Showing Advances in Potential Missile Technology

On Monday, Iran tested a new rocket that boasted improved technology in its latest attempt to pressure the Biden administration ahead of potential nuclear negotiations. The rocket was named Zuljanah and was developed through a government-backed program aiming to send civilian satellites into orbit 310 miles above the ground. However, the technology is easily transferable to Iran’s military missile program, which is operated by the Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps, according to experts. The rocket also contains a solid-fuel-propelled motor that is the largest displayed by Iran to date.

The US seeks to prevent Iran from developing these kinds of missiles, particularly those propelled by solid fuel rather than liquid as this is a key component in intercontinental ballistic missiles. After a series of tests, the rocket will begin to put operational satellites in orbit, says the Defense Ministry. Although Iran regularly tests new missile technology, Monday’s launch marks the first test since President Joe Biden took office in the US.

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