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MIT’s oncological risk AI calculates cancer chances regardless of race

In the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are shaping cancer treatment and diagnoses. The smart technology can understand X-rays and rapidly generate MRIs, aiding doctors in spotting areas of concern when it comes to cancer. The systems have proven effective at detecting early signs of breast cancer oftentimes missed by radiologists. Google, IBM, research teams, and medical centers around the world have been aiming to further develop cancer-catching algorithms such as the one in use at MIT.

However, many medical AI imaging systems produce less accurate results for black and brown people despite women of color being more like to die from breast cancer when compared to their white counterparts. MIT researchers at the Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health have worked tirelessly to develop a system without such stark racial biases, leveraging only the person’s monograms to determine cancer risks. Regardless of race or ethnicity, it is incredibly important to the clinic that all people receive equal and appropriate medical care.

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