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Russian Government Agency Warns Firms of US Attack

According to intelligence, the Russian government has issued a cybersecurity guidance to Russian businesses, alleging that they are at risk of US cyber espionage in revenge for the recent SolarWinds hacks. The Russian agency the National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents (NKTsKI) released the advisory. The message claimed that the Biden administration was threatening retaliatory attacks on Russian critical infrastructure after the US uncovered a large-scale cyber-espionage campaign purported by Russia against US agencies and businesses.

The NKTsKI’s advice includes updating incident response plans, ensuring that security tools are properly configured, enabling multi-factor authentication, and training users how to spot phishing attacks. The NKTsKI also recommended implementing application controls, firewalls, updated passwords, email security, and quick patching. Earlier this month the US officially blamed Russia for the SolarWinds attacks after information emerged regarding the Kremlin’s role in spying on government departments such as the Department of Justice and the State Department.

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