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China flies warplanes close to Taiwan in early test of Biden

Over the weekend, China dispatched two formations of warplanes dangerously close to the Island of Taiwan. This presents a significant foreign policy challenge just days into the new administration. China is seemingly testing the new US president by deploying the warplanes as Taiwan is a self-governing nation that China seeks to regain control of. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry stated that 13 Chinese planes flew alongside the southwestern portion of the island’s air defense identification zone.

This was followed by 15 planes on Sunday, pushing Taiwan to take defensive measures in case of conflict. Taiwan sent out fighter jets to monitor the Chinese flights. According to Taiwanese intelligence agencies, China’s military planes made more than 380 flights across the islands’ air defense zone line last year. This is a designated area of airspace that requires planes traveling through to identify themselves immediately in the interest of the country’s national security.

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