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Air Force, Korean Partners Unveil Plan to Co-Fund ‘Breakthrough’ Quantum Research

A new collaboration aiming to fund breakthrough Quantum Research has been announced by the US Air Force and two previously existing Korean research partners. The group released a joint solicitation offering three-year grants to initiate innovation and headway in quantum information science. The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR) will spearhead the initiative alongside the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Institute of Information and Communications Technology Planning and Evaluation.

The program will build on more than a decade of US Korean collaboration in scientific advancements and research pursuits. The ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for engineers in both nations to push forwards cutting edge and emerging tech through utilizing quantum computing. Quantum information technologies have the potential to transform science, engineering, computing, communications, and more. The program will, among other things, work on quantum information processing, quantum simulation, and qubit development.

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