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Phishers Spoof New York Department of Labor

Scammers were able to spoof the New York Department of Labor, sending out emails to thousands of residents from the domain “noreply@labor.ny .gov,” claiming to be sending Covid-19 relief money. The emails bear the NY state logo and capitalize on struggling Americans seeking to claim Covid-19 stimulus checks. The email contains a malicious link asking recipients to click and activate accounts, however, the spoofed login page harvests credentials instead.

The page mimics a NY State government site. The phishing attack was detected by Abnormal Security, who believes that the email could have reached 100,000 mailboxes prior to discovery. The true sender came from a Panamanian registered domain, not affiliated with the NY State government. The phishing attack is sophisticated and may have fooled some NY residents, however, no information on this matter is available at this time.

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