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Israel Faces Fourth Election in Two Years After Parliament Is Dissolved

Israel will endure its fourth election in just two years following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failure to pass a new budget, requiring the Parliament to dissolve. The parties that make up Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition have failed to see eye-to-eye on several key issues following the government’s inception this past spring. This ultimately led to a disagreement over a mandatory new budget proposal, which was due on Tuesday. Under Israel’s laws, this means that the Parliament must be dissolved and hold new elections on March 23.

Israel has been struggling with political instability over the past year, and the new development only worsens the situation. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic devastation, the country cannot afford to gamble with an inefficient and unstable political climate. Further complicating the circumstances, Mr. Netanyahu is facing a corruption trial while he juggled the rollout of a coronavirus vaccine and attempts to stabilize the economy.

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