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3M Users Targeted by Malicious Facebook, Insta Browser Add-Ons

Avast Threat Intelligence has identified malware hidden in twenty-eight popular Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. The extensions are all used for social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. Security researchers advise users to uninstall the extensions, which boast 3 million downloads in total. The most popular extensions found to be infected with malware include Video Downloader for Facebook, Vimeo Video Downloader, Instagram Story Downloader, and VK Unblock.

Several million people across the world are likely using these extensions, leaving their devices vulnerable to a cyberattack. Avast Threat Intelligence states that they began investigating the cybersecurity flaw in November, however, it may have gone unnoticed for years. Avast alleges that reviews on the Chrome Web Store support this suspicion as they contain complaints of link hijacking dating back to December 2018.

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