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Zoox Finally Reveals Its Custom Robotaxi

California based self-driving vehicle company Zoox has revealed its first robotaxi as promised. The startup was committed to developing a fully automated vehicle designed solely for ride-hailing. Although it looks similar to other automated pod shuttle vehicles created by other brands in recent years, such as Local Motors Ollie and the Cruise Origin, it has several key differences. While the Cruise Origin developed in collaboration with General Motors and Honda bears the most similarities to Zoox’s new creation, the Zoox model is fully symmetrical and is able to operate in both directions to its full capacity. It is designed for operations up to 75 mph and would therefore be able to navigate highway 101 in San Francisco.

Seats on both sides face the center while sliding doors allow customers to enter from either side. The wheels are external and feature bicycle fenders, allowing for a turning radius of just 28 feet. The vehicle also boasts a pod of sensors, including lidar, camera, and radar to ensure a safe ride. This extensive camera system allows for a 270-degree field of view so that if one sensor fails, the vehicle will still be able to operate safely.

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