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More than 300 students still unaccounted for after Nigerian school raid

Roughly 337 students are still unaccounted for after an attack on a school in northern Nigeria occurred over the weekend. Police reports claim that a large number of attackers sporting guns and riding motorbikes ambushed the Government Science Secondary School in Kankara late Friday, in what looks like a kidnapping-for-ransom attempt. The kidnappers are making demands through Abdu Labaran, the director-general of media for the governor of the Katsina state, as well as a teacher at the school.

The abductors have not asked for ransom yet, according to Labaran, but they have demanded that the government stop helicopter surveillance. The military has been scouring the area to search for the missing boys. Although the kidnappers claim that at least 446 students had been returned to their families, the government has been unable to certify those claims due to poor phone connectivity. The UN has strongly condemned the abductions and called for the immediate release of the children.

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