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DHS Among Those Hit in Sophisticated Cyberattack by Foreign Adversaries

The US Department of Homeland Security has admitted to being hacked in relation to the recently exposed Russian espionage campaign against US agencies utilizing vulnerabilities in SolarWinds services, specifically a network-management platform widely used across the government. defense contractors and enterprises were also involved in the attack, such as FireEye, which was the first to discover the suspicious activity. The Russian foreign-intelligence service is believed to be behind the hacks, although the Russian embassy in Washington DC has repeatedly denied the claims.

Hundreds of thousands of government and corporate networks could be at risk, according to cybersecurity experts. The Commerce Department has offered more information on their breach, stating that its National Telecommunications and Information Administration was hit. The DHS was only recently confirmed as a victim and no further details are available. According to FireEye employees, the Russian actors were seeking data related to government customers and had likely been in play for the last several months before detection.

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