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In Battle Against Hackers, Companies Try to Deceive the Deceivers

A new technique is being deployed by an increasing number of companies. Rather than deal with hackers and cyberattacks on the defensive, companies are now setting up booby traps to convince adversaries that they’ve almost reached the sellable information, and then they trap them. Land O’Lakes, an agricultural giant, is just one company deploying this unique technique through using DeceptionGrid, a tool created by TrapX.

The technology is able to create an array of decoys and booby traps throughout the network that mimic crucial information, making the hacker think that they have accessed highly sensitive information. However, once the decoys are accessed or probed in any way, security professionals receive an alert notifying them that they need to investigate the suspicious activity. The technique, known as deception technology, is gaining momentum and cyberattacks are seemingly impossible to avoid.

Unlike firewalls, deception technology doesn’t stop intruders from getting into the network. Land O’Lakes claims that the tool has already stopped an otherwise devastating attack. The deception technology builds upon the idea of honey pots, fake servers that mimic a real one. Instead of actively searching networks for hackers, hackers fall into the company’s trap.

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OODA has produced a special research report on Deception Technology: Deception in Cyber

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