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High-Severity Chrome Bugs Allow Browser Hacks

Google has issued an update for its Chrome web browser, fixing several vulnerabilities that could allow a threat actor to conduct computer compromise through a browser hack. The bug affects desktop versions of the browser, and the update fixed a total of eight bugs present within the current version with obtaining a high severity score. On Friday, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency published a security bulletin advising infosec administrators and users to apply the update as soon as possible due to the nature of the flaws it fixes.

Google stated that Windows, macOS, and Linux versions of the desktop browser are vulnerable to attack. All three of the high severity bugs impact memory, allowing attackers to exploit this function and obtain computer access. One high severity bug called V8 is identified as an insufficient data validation flaw, which opens the device to cross-site scripting attacks. All Chrome users should look into whether they have fully implemented the new update to avoid further risks.

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