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UN, Ethiopia sign deal for aid access to embattled Tigray

The United Nations and the Ethiopian government have signed a deal to allow for the Tigray region to receive humanitarian aid following weeks of conflict and casualties. The deal was signed over the weekend and allows for unimpeded humanitarian access for areas under federal control. Although the Prime Minister of Ethiopia declared victory on Sunday, the region remains up in the air and conflict continues.  The deal will potentially save lives and will allow for the first food, medicine, and other aid to enter the region.

Six million people reside in Tigray and have experienced low food supply and rising hunger during the conflict. The fighting between the federal and regional Tigray governments has caused a humanitarian crisis in Tigray. Each party sees the conflict as an illegal power struggle escalating over the past several months. The deal was signed after weeks of a standstill at Tigray’s borders, where aid trucks had been blocked awaiting entrance to the region. More than 1 million people in Tigray have been displaced, 45,000 of which are suspected to have fled to a remote area in Sudan.

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