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Honduras Extends State of Alert as Tropical Storm Eta Hits

In Honduras, citizens are preparing for the devastating tropical storm Eta to make landfall by the end of the day. Honduran rescue teams have elevated evacuation efforts as of this morning, and a state of alert has been administered as heavy rains from the storm case rivers to flood homes. The storm has already taken many casualties in Central America after making landfall in Nicaragua as a Category 4 hurricane. The strong winds have cut the power of thousands, damaged buildings including hospitals, ripped roofs off of homes, and knocked down trees and power lines.

Eta boasts winds of 40 miles an hour, causing devastating damage to infrastructure across Central America. Although the tropical storm is weakening as it advances, it will continue to produce heavy rainfall and flooding, posing a risk to all residents. In the Bonanza municipality of Honduras, two gold miners were killed as a result of a mudslide.

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