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Crippling Cyberattacks, Disinformation Top Concerns for Election Day

Cyber researchers have been voicing concerns over cyberattacks on US critical election infrastructure and the spread of disinformation campaigns affecting the democratic process within the US. Election-related cybersecurity news has been more and more frequent this election, and the US electorate is more worried than ever about late-stage cyberattacks occurring the day of elections.

Cybersecurity engineer Ray Kelly, an employee at WhiteHat Security, states that the last weekend before the election is like a free-for-all for malicious actors who are seeking to influence the election. Although authorities and election officials have been taking precautionary measures to lock down cyberinfrastructure, recent hacks such as that involving Hall County, GA, unsettle cybersecurity professionals. Kelly states that the biggest concern to local municipalities is the protection of election infrastructure, which could be disrupted by taking down poll books, IT infrastructure, informational applications, and more.

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