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4 Startups Tapped to Pilot Capabilities at Defense’s 5G Living Lab

The National Security Innovation Network Starts program executed a contest to find startup companies to assist the Pentagon in rolling out 5G technology domestically and abroad. Almost 50 startup companies participated in the competition, named NSIN’s Navy/USMC 5G pitch competition. COMSovereign, GenXComm, Omnispace, and vRotors are the four startup companies that won the competition, winning 50k and the ability to test their technologies at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar’s 5G Living Lab in San Diego. 

The Pentagon’s goal with these startup companies is to connect the world at the next level and pursue 5G technology in defense programs. Verizon and the Marine Corps launched the Living Lab in San Diego in July and will be using it to explore the applications of 5G towards defense. The four startup companies that won the competition will be presenting their technology at the lab in February to demonstrate the employment of the technology across the defense sector. 5G technology is a rapidly growing technology and the applications of the technology in the defense sector will continue to be explored across many test sites.

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