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Israel, U.A.E. to Allow Citizens Visa-Free Travel

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have made history in agreeing to allow their citizens to travel freely between the countries with no visas. Direct flights from Israel to the U.A.E have begun to take place, marking the first arrangement of the sort between Israel and an Arab state. The new development aims to increase business, economic prosperity, and tourism. The eradication of the visa requirement will offer increased travel, according to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It will also facilitate an increase in the exchange of goods, services, technology, and knowledge that will benefit both sides. Israel and the U.A.E also signed other agreements, including ones pertaining to the protection of aviation, science, technology, and investment. The deals are a result of a US-brokered peace agreement administered in September between the two countries. The agreement shifted the former enemies against a common foe, Iran. Last month, Bahrain established diplomatic ties with the US ally in the Middle East, and Sudan is expected to do the same if Washington removes the country from the list of nations that sponsor terror organizations.

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