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Apple’s T2 Security Chip Has an Unfixable Flaw

A recently released tool allows any user to exploit a Mac vulnerability that leads to bypassing the T2 security chip, gaining deep system access. The flaw is commonly used among researchers to jailbreak older iPhone models, however, the fact that the T2 chip is similarly vulnerable in Mac devices as well presents a significant amount of potential high-risk threats. Ultimately, the flaw in unfixable in every Mac device that contains the T2 security chip.

The chip serves as a trusted mechanism for high-value features such as encrypted data storage, Touch ID, and Activation Lock. The vulnerability within T2 in mobile devices is known as Checkm8, and the newly disclosed vulnerability has been dubbed Checkra1n. On Mac devices, the jailbreak feature allows researchers to probe the chip and explore security features, run Linux on the T2, and other functions. However, the jailbreak is likely to be weaponized by threat actors to disable macOS security features and install malware. According to security researchers, the jailbreak could also be used to obtain FileVault encryption keys and decrypt user data in the event of an attack in which the cybercriminal finds encrypted information.

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