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U.K., Canada Impose Sanctions on Belarusian President Lukashenko

Canada and the UK have imposed sanctions on authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko and the senior figures of his administration following concerning behavior over election integrity in Belarus. Widespread protests have occurred from Belarus’s opposition party following the release of the election results, which many claims were rigged in Lukashenko’s favor to continue his 26-year rule. The peaceful protestors were met with repression and violence on behalf of law enforcement and security forces.

British Foreign Secretary backed the UK’s move to impose sanctions by accusing Lukashenko of human rights violations in detaining and torturing protestors, as well as restricting free speech by exiling opposition leaders. Lukashenko and his national security adviser, along with six other senior officials, have been banned from entering the UK and their assets held in British financial institutions have been frozen. Canada followed suit, issuing travel bans and asset freezes on 11 individuals.

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