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Ring’s Flying In-Home Camera Drone Escalates Privacy Worries

Cybersecurity experts have expressed concern over a new development from Amazon’s Ring division, which unveiled a new drone feature on its Always Home Camera. The robot drone can fly around the customers’ homes, taking security footage while doing so. This has caused an outcry of concerns over several privacy aspects, although Amazon has claimed they properly addressed privacy risks. The new camera will begin shipping next year and could be in homes as soon as then. According to the announcement, the security camera can only fly around in the home on a path approved by users.

Ring’s connected doorbells have already sparked controversy in the past, with many worried over who collected, uses, and shares the sensitive data. Rick Holland, CISO and VP of Strategy at Digital Shadows spoke out about the new flying surveillance system, stating that the concept of an untethered IoT device surveilling a home is disturbing as Ring already practices poor security policies.

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