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Alien Android Banking Trojan Sidesteps 2FA

A new variant of the infamous Cerberus banking Trojan named Alien has been ruthlessly targeting victims’ credentials for over 200 popular mobile apps, including Microsoft Outlook and Bank of America. The banking trojan is gaining access to Android devices worldwide through utilizing an advanced authentication bypass tool that allows it to steal victim credentials off of sensitive platforms.

Once the Android device is infected, Alien attempts to steal credentials from more than 220 mobile applications, including banking apps, social apps, and those that perform other valuable functions. The malware has been targeting institutions in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, the UK, and the US. Researchers at ThreatFabric report that the Cerberus banking Trojan is being discontinued, and therefore its operators are likely making the switch to Alien. Therefore, security experts predict that this variant will become a prominent new malware-as-a-service for threat actors.

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