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Magecart Attack Impacts More Than 10K Online Shoppers

One of the largest known Magecart campaigns in history occurred over the weekend, impacting nearly 2,000 e-commerce sites. The attacks may have been a result of Magecart operators leveraging a zero-day exploit, however, the exact technicalities of the attack remain unknown. The campaign has affected tens of thousands of customers, who had their credit card information stolen in the attack.

According to Sansec, online stores running the software Magento versions 1 and 2 were targeted in the attack, in which Magecart operators leveraged a vulnerability to inject a web skimmer into the sites, stealing payment card information. Most of the impacted stores were operating using Magento 1, which announced end-of-life last June, however, a portion of the targeted stores had updated to Magento 2.

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