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Organizations facing nearly 1,200 phishing attacks each month

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, phishing attacks have become more successful and more common, according to data gathered by researchers at GreatHorn, a security company. GreatHorn recently published the 2020 Phishing Attack survey in which they highlighted the newest trends in phishing attacks, as well as their success rate through analyzing the information gathered from 317 IT and cybersecurity professionals.

On average, IT professionals are dealing with roughly 1,185 phishing attacks per month, which breaks down to about 40 attacks each day. Although just 6% of all phishing attacks result in a breach, many of the respondents determined that the employees at their organizations would not be able to spot and properly mitigate a phishing attack in real-time. 38% of those surveyed also stated that last year, someone within their organization was tricked by a phishing attack.

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