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Content farms develop and spread fake news about COVID-19 for profit

A new report published by security researchers at RiskIQ uncovers the operations of content farms that are creating false information about the COVID-19 pandemic and spreading it through fraudulent news sites. RiskIQ found the large-scale digital advertising campaign on ad networks that cater to highly partisan audiences. Some of the fake stories include disinformation about vaccines, dietary supplements, and other COVID-19 home remedies.

The fake advertisements are developed on a huge scale by these content farms, which profit off of the disinformation campaigns. The fake news pieces are designed to lure readers into reading the articles and purchasing products advertised as remedies or virus cures. Many of the content farms are using subscription traps, where a product is offered deeply discounted or for free during a trial period, however, hidden clauses in terms of service sign victims up for repeating charges on a monthly basis.

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