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Canon Admits Ransomware Attack in Employee Note, Report

According to a note released to employees of the consumer electronics giant Canon, the company has been hit by a ransomware attack that has caused outages across its main US website, email, collaboration platforms, and other internal systems. Yesterday, initial suspicions that the company had been targeted by a cyberattack arose, however, they were confirmed earlier today by an internal employee communique admitting to the incident. Canon has not commented on the accusations.

The Maze ransomware group, notorious for its high-profile attacks, has taken credit for the Canon outage. Maze operators stated that they extracted 10 terabytes of data on private databases in the attack. In Maze attacks, the group typically steals sensitive data and threatens to release it if ransom demands are not met. In April, Maze created a web page with the names of non-cooperative victims, regularly posting samples of data stolen in attacks.

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