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A Cyberattack on Garmin Disrupted More Than Workouts

According to researchers, the ransomware attack that hit the navigation and fitness company Garmin didn’t just affect the website and workout services. The ransomware attack took down Garmin Connect, which is the cloud platform utilized by customers to sync user data. Pilots who use Garmin products for positioning, navigation, and other in-flight services dealt with outages as well.

FlyGarmin and Garmin Pilot app both suffered from outages that lasted days, hindering Garmin hardware used in planes. This includes flight0planning mechanisms and the ability to update mandatory FAA aeronautical databases. Garmin did not release information on this consequence of the ransomware attack until Monday when it confirmed that the issues were a result of the hack. Garmin’s services began running again on Monday, four days after the initial outages began.

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