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India virus cases surge nearly 32,700, beach state shut anew

India has been suffering through a new wave of COVID-19 cases, with the total number of infections surging by 32,695 as of Thursday. This brings the nation close to one million total cases. The renewed outbreaks have caused several areas to re-implement lockdown measures, particularly in the western beach state of Goa just two weeks after the area allowed tourists to enter. The Health Ministry of India also recorded a record number of 606 deaths within the past 24 hours, raising the total amount of casualties to 24,915.

The Indian Medical Association also reported that 99 doctors have died due to the virus and that an additional 1,302 are infected. Fatality among doctors, according to the association, is around triple that of the national average. As of yesterday, a dozen Indian states have put high-risk areas back under lockdowns, only allowing residents to leave their households for essential causes. Goa has entered a three-day mandatory lockdown as well as a night curfew. For those flouting social distancing regulations, a fee of 100 rupees has been imposed on nearly 40,000 people for failing to wear masks in public.

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