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Former eBay Execs Allegedly Made Life Hell for Critics

On Monday, the Massachusetts US Attorney’s Office released a criminal complaint against eBay executives that highlights the wrongdoings of those in power within the company. The criminal complaint charges six former eBay employees and contractors with a cyberstalking campaign against the publishers of an eCommerce news site covering the company. The executives’ end goal was to get the publishers to expose the identity of one commenter and get the owners, a married couple, to stop writing negative stories about eBay.

The executives planned out their attack in a series of meetings, indicating that it was a systematic campaign to emotionally and psychologically terrorize the couple who owned the eCommerce site. The group also publicly posted the couple’s home address. Those in charge of the campaign also ordered horrifying deliveries to victims’ houses, including a dead pig, live spiders, cockroaches, and several books with threatening titles as well as funeral wreaths. The eBay executives also reportedly used Amazon to send books titled “Hustler: Barely Legal” in the husband’s name.

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