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Brazil Draws Scrutiny for Changes to Coronavirus Data Reporting

The Brazilian government, lead by President Jair Bolsonaro, has stated its COVID-19 death totals are not as high as the media reports. In recent days, Bolsonaro ceased publishing a tally of totally deaths and infections, reporting only on daily tolls. The administration also did not release statistics regarding new cases until after the end of nightly televised news. Brazil’s government stated that it plans to revise its death toll linked to the virus, claiming figures have been inflated.

This statement has drawn criticism from Brazilian Health experts, who worry that the country is trying to cover up the extent of the pandemic. Brazil now has the second-largest amount of infections with 691,758 and the third-highest death toll, trailing the US and UK. A medical professional who was offered a high-ranking position in the Health Ministry withdrew from the position, claiming that the COVID-19 infection and death tallies are “fanciful or manipulated.”

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