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US Embassy says Covid-19 threat in Tanzania’s main city ‘extremely high’

In Tanzania, the US Embassy claims that many hospitals in one of its largest cities, Dar es Salaam, have been overwhelmed in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 crisis. Tanzania has not released any information on COVID-19 infection rates since late April, causing concern over what the actual number of cases within the country is. The US Embassy in Tanzania currently claims that the risk of contracting COVID-19 in Dar es Salaam remains extremely high.

The US released a health alert that highlights evidence supporting the exponential growth of the epidemic in Dar es Salaam and other Tanzanian regions. Tanzanian President John Magufuli has recommended citizens “pray the virus away,” allowing places of worship to remain in operation while schools and other public spaces are closed. President Magufuli has stated he will not put the country under lockdown, however, social distancing and mask-wearing have become mandatory. Meanwhile, Zambia has closed its border to Tanzania this week.

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