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U.S. High Performance Computing Takes On COVID-19

The US Federal government has assembled a group of high-performance computing (HPC) resources for the disposal of researchers who are tirelessly looking for potential cures and treatments for the COVID-19 virus, which has claimed thousands of lives across the globe. HPC may be critical to finding a cure, as it can help scientists and doctors understand its biological interaction and model various treatments through its ability to model chemical reactions.

The program is called the COVID-19 High-Performance Computing Consortium, and it is a collaboration between the US government, industry and academia. The program offers the consortium access to over 366 petaflops on total compute power with almost 3 million CPU cores and 36,000 Nvidia GPUs. Some organizations that have already been named as participants include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Microsoft.

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