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This Map Shows the Global Spread of Zero-Day Hacking Techniques

Zero-day exploits are being tracked by a global map developed by FireEye, and the company released yesterday an analysis of how these critical vulnerabilities have been exploited worldwide over the past seven years. The publication includes research from Google Project Zero’s database of active zero days. FireEye exposes what countries have the most hackers taking advantage of the secret software flaws that require sophisticated hacking skills.

Using the Google Project Zero data, FireEye linked the use of 55 secret hacking techniques to state-sponsored operations, even naming which country’s government FireEye believes to be responsible for each hack. The map and timeline that resulted from the data analysis includes a tally of which countries have used the more zero-days over the past several years. This is the most comprehensive map of zero-day exploits to date, however, certain countries like the US have more than likely used still undetected zero days in operations, making the actual tally hard to predict.

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