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Global Cases Approach One Million, U.S. Weighs Grounding Domestic Flights

The global number of COVID-19 cases is approaching one million as the last border crossing points are closing to combat the virus’s spread. The US, which has roughly 216,700 cases, has reportedly considered grounding domestic flights to and from cities that have a large number of cases. The US accounts for just under a quarter of the global total and has nearly twice the number of cases as the second-highest country, Italy. However, other countries may have underreported cases and death tolls as there is speculation over the legitimate Chinese and Italian death tolls as of late.

On Wednesday, roughly 75,000 new cases were reported globally as the total death toll exceeded 48,000 yesterday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. On Wednesday, Spain alone reported almost 1,000 deaths, raising its total past 10,000. Other countries, such as Japan and India, are beginning to witness a spike in new infections as the countries trail Spain, Italy, and the US in coronavirus pandemic development. While India has already gone into lockdown and suspended inbound blights on March 22, Japan continues to allow travelers to return until tomorrow, possibly accounting for the spike in cases.

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