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COVID-19 mapped: Azure-powered tool IDs the most vulnerable populations

A company called Jvion specializes in “clinical AI” and is planning on launching a COVID Community Vulnerability Map. The map will be public and built on Microsoft Azure maps, helping healthcare provide4rs identify the determinants of health that put certain regions or populations at greater risk. The information could be impactful in areas like community planning, preventative measures, and allocation of resources to help mitigate the risk of infection.

The interactive map identifies populations according to the census block level that are at high risk for severe outcomes when contracting a virus-like COVID-19, including death and hospitalization. At a time like this, during a global pandemic, one of the biggest issues communities can face is lack of hospital beds and necessary equipment. The map overlays additional data to reveal compelling insights despite the fact that there is not enough data for a map curated specifically to COVID-19 risks.

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