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US outlines plan for Venezuela transition, sanctions relief

The Trump administration will allegedly be lifting sanctions on Venezuela under the terms of a new proposal to form a transitional government representing allies of both Nicolas Maduro and his enemy, opposition leader Juan Guaido. US Officials stated that the plan will be announced on Tuesday amid the growing coronavirus threat. COVID-19 could destroy the already fragile health system and economy in South America.

The US has, over the past few weeks, renewed its campaign against Nicolas Maduro, concerned that Venezuela will not be able to handle a coronavirus outbreak. The plan, which is being called “Democratic Framework for Venezuela,” requires Maduro and Guaido to step over and relinquish all power to a council of state who would effectively govern the country until elections can be held in late 2020. The council would be made of five members, four of which would be appointed by the opposition-controlled National Assembly led by Guaido. The plan also includes the US lifting sanctions against Venezuela’s oil industry and Maduro officials.

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