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All 4G Networks Susceptible to DoS Attacks

A new vulnerability has been uncovered by Positive Technologies, a security firm, in all 4G and some 5G telecommunications networks that exposes a weakness in the diameter signaling protocol. This means that 100% of 4G networks are vulnerable to denial of service (DoS) attacks. The protocol that is open to attack is used to authenticate and authorize messages and information distribution in 4G networks, making it a critical component in LTE due to the fact that it facilitates translation and communication between internet protocol and network elements.

Researchers stated that they attempted to infiltrate 28 telecommunications operators across four different regions, Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe, and each one was successful. The new information may also pose a risk to 5G networks, as they contain weaknesses that were inherited by 4G. As mobile operators are beginning to roll out new 5G networks, they must be wary of repeating mistakes made in 4G networks and ensure that all systems are not exposed to the same vulnerabilities as their predecessors.

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