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200M Records of US Citizens Leaked in Unprotected Database

CyberNews, a Lithuanian research group, has discovered an unprotected database that holds 200 million detailed user records. The owner of the database remains unknown, however, the leaked profiles seem to be US users and contain individuals’ full names and titles, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, credit ratings, home and mortgage real estate addresses, tax records, demographics, as well as information about personal interests and investments and donations including those of political charitable and religious nature.
CyberNews stated that when they discovered the database, they were shocked at the detail and scale of information exposed, which presents a goldmine for cybercriminals. The company believes that the data may have originated in the US Census Bureau, however, the owner still remains unclear. Although the database was wiped on March 3, CyberNews observed the database for several months before it was taken down and it is likely it was exposed for months before it was discovered.

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