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Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 10,000 Globally

The number of COVID-19 cases has reached 245,000, while the number of deaths due to infection doubled ina week to more than 10,000 as of today. Italy, Iran, and Spain have all experienced large increases in virus deaths, causing governments all over the world to take preemptive measures to contain the outbreak of the virus. In the US, deaths have more than quadrupled over the past week, totaling 205, while the infections have increased to over 14,000 from 1,700 on March 13.

On Thursday night, the State of California advised its residents to only leave their households for essential activities, representing the largest lockdown in the US so far for California’s 40 million residents. The US State Department has advised US citizens not to travel internationally and warned those currently overseas to return home immediately or risk not being able to return.

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