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Fake Covid-19 tracker app delivers ransomware, disinformation abounds

Cybercriminals have been capitalizing on the public unrest over the current pandemic, and the onslaught of cybercrime against concerned users is increasing by the day. The most recent scheme discovered by investigators uses a malicious Android tracker app that claims to allow users to track the spread of the virus, however, the site uses malware that locks the victims’ phone and demands a ransom to unlock.

The site may also provide misinformation about COVID-19 through heatmap visuals and tracking and statistical information that is inaccurate. Once the app is downloaded and run, the app locks the victim out of their device and demands a ransom in exchange for unlocking the phone, otherwise threatening to destroy all of the contents of the phone. The ransom, according to security research team DomainTools, is $100 in Bitcoin and must be paid within 48 hours.

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