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Iran to temporarily free 54,000 prisoners as coronavirus spreads

Iran is planning to temporarily release 54,000 imprisoned individuals and employ thousands of health workers as officials announced new measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak within the country. Iran has reported 92 deaths and 586 new infections overnight, which raises the country’s total to almost 3,000 infections. The country has also come under pressure after other countries located within close proximity to Iran have linked infections back to the city of Qom.

For weeks, Iran refused to restrict visits to holy sites located in Qom but has since changed their policies stating that those trying to leave the city will be quarantined if they show symptoms of the virus. Medical teams will be assessing those trying to leave while an Iranian university is building a field hospital to tackle the growing outbreak. Iranian officials have assured its nationals that the virus would be contained however, 23 members of Iran’s parliament tested positive for the virus and an advisor to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei died on Monday.

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