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Targeted Phishing Attack Aims For Well-Known Corporate Brands

MalwareHunterTeam has uncovered yet another new phishing campaign, this one targeting well-known brands such as Glad and Hasbro. The international companies were attacked using SLK attachments and has targeted a total of thirteen high profile companies to date. SLK attachments can allow the attacker to gain access to corporate networks.

Compromising a large corporate network is a highly sought after goal for threat actors as it allows them to steal sensitive information such as corporate secrets and private financial documents, perform ransomware attacks, and steal files to be used in blackmail attempts. The phishing campaign discovered by cybersecurity firm MalwareHunterTeam shows the threat actors impersonating the companies’ clients or vendors, enticing the victims to click on the SLK attachments and seeming to come from a legitimate and trusted individual.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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