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Marine Corps Looks to Virtual Reality as a Recruitment Tool

The Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) has filed a request for information this week, aiming to create a “highly-portable virtual reality simulator” to assist the agency in the recruitment of officer candidates across the United States. The agency stated that it acknowledges current students’ immersion in technology and believes that the virtual reality recruitment gear could heavily influence the entity’s ability to recruit.

The Marine Corps stated that they aim to entice college students by standing out at expos and career fairs with advanced technology. The Marine Corps also stated that they are interested in bringing a more realistic outlook to what being in the military is actually like, and this technology would allow them to engage future aviators and show them first-hand the options the Marine Corps has to offer. The solicitation claims that although MCRC recruitment officials have been using portable flight simulator systems for years, the technology is out of date and inefficient to transport.

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