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Australian PM’s leadership criticized during wildfire crisis

It is unlikely that Australian Prime Minister Scott Minister will be able to politically recover from the horrors beget by this year’s raging bushfire. Nearly 16 million acres have burned since September and fire season in Australia has only just begun. The fires have killed 25 people, an estimated 1 billion animals, destroyed over 2,000 homes, and evacuated around 100,000 people. The physical damage done to the ecosystem will take decades to recover; psychologically, the fires have wrought havoc upon the Australian people. 

Canberra, the nation’s capital, has been the world’s most polluted city for days; asthmatics and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. In profoundly disappointing news, Liberal leadership has failed to lead the country at such a consequential moment. Prime Minister Scott Morrison took his family on a vacation to Hawaii and NSW Emergency Minister David Elliot traveled to Paris less than a month ago. A staunch climate change denier and a major proponent of coal mining, Scott Morrison only responded to the bushfires after three months of significant burning.

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